The name’s Michael H. @MichaelForShort.


I used to be employed in I.T., but since 2005 I’ve had something of a self-employed portfolio career, taking on data & database assignments and even teaching English to company directors in Barcelona, alongside developing and growing Eyeontheplace, my specialist IP camera platform.

I was determined to try a different way

I would not be quite vain enough to describe myself as a world-class leader, but I know I got something right when I led a team of 12 programmers. Having suffered from Industrial Revolution-style management myself, I was determined to try a different way: Instead of “managing”, I gave my team tools to master their craft and freedom to work creatively, providing support & encouragement, and mentoring people to develop their own roles. It was great for employees and company alike. That fun, productive and innovative team was my most meaningful achievement.

Of course it’s all well and good to have aspirations to change the world a little, but I also need to earn a living in the here and now.

Fortunately, it still gives me a buzz to turn complex business problems into technical solutions, and I seem to have gained something of a successful history in this, so the following keywords may well feature in my future temporary assignments:

Extreme analytical reasoning, algorithm design, data migration, data analysis, database design & development, SQL Server, web applications, IP camera applications, business analysis.