The name’s Michael H. @MichaelForShort.

This is our Live Time

Happy Children at ButlinsWe’re here for a chink of light in the dead darkness of the history of the world. I remember that as I eat my muesli and revel in the taste and texture. When I sat in the graveyard a few week ago, looking at all the stone lids of the places where only dust marks the lives of those past, I thought: what would they give, what would one of those people give to come back into this place, into this “live” time where I am now, to eat that breakfast I eat, to feel the cold autumn raindrops that I feel, to speak and be heard, to love and to LIVE.

Please remember this as you go about your day. You’re on. We’re live. This is it, right now. A hundred years from now, you will be dust; just another long-dead ancestor consigned to history. But today, oh today! This is your live time. What power you have! What a difference you can make! What joy!

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